Physiotherapists are health professionals trained to improve a person’s ability to move and function. Paediatric physiotherapists work with children and adolescents, and have experience and knowledge in conditions that affect normal development or occur during childhood.  We see children with a wide range of abilities and areas of need. A physio will work with your family to develop a fun, meaningful and play-based management plan that fits your child and your goals.

Baby doing tummy time


Physiotherapy can play an important role in maximising physical development in children with developmental delay, coordination or gross motor difficulties, or paediatric neurological disorders like cerebral palsy. Some children may only need a small helping hand to work on skills they find a little trickier than their peers, while others may need to develop a long term relationship with a supportive and experienced allied health team. We support all children with their developmental needs, whether it’s managing a head preference in a young baby, working on the coordination skills needed to keep up with their peers at Prep, or supporting a child with complex developmental needs to participate in family life.

Teen on crutches


Happy and healthy children may find themselves struggling with activities that were previously easy for them following an acute or chronic illness or injury. Although many children quickly bounce back with a little time and encouragement, others may need support to return to school, sport and play. We support children recovering from

Orthopaedic surgery

Oncological treatment

Brain or spinal cord injury

Chronic pain

Rheumatological conditions

Functional disorders

Girl breathing exercises


Physiotherapy can play an important role in managing conditions where a child’s ability to move air or secretions through the respiratory tract is impaired.  Working in collaboration with the Queensland Children’s Lung and Sleep Specialists, we provide physiotherapy services to children with chronic respiratory disorders.