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Wednesdays May 3 - 24

Strong and Steady 4pm

Core Control 4:45pm

Long and Limber 5:30pm

Saturdays May 6 - 27

Strong and Steady 10:15am

Core Control 11:00am

Long and Limber 11:45am


Coming Term 2 2017, we are offering Pilates inspired core stability classes to help your child build a strong foundation for work and play.  Any child will benefit from working on their stability and control, but if your child has any of the following issues they may notice a significant difference following a block of physiotherapy: 

Low tone or hypermobility
Aches and pains
Rheumatological conditions
Difficulty sitting still
Chronic respiratory issues
Poor posture
Coordination or balance difficulties.
Frequent low grade sporting injuries

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5-8 year olds

This class will focus on fun games and circuit work that target a child’s ability to maintain steady postures, age appropriate coordination and motor skills, balance, flexibility, and most of all control! Good postural control is important in this age group to build all further high level gross motor and sport specific skills, as well as to sit in class and concentrate on learning and fine motor activities.  Parents will be asked to identify specific goals at the beginning of each block, and activities will be varied to meet the specific needs of the group.

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9-12 year olds

As children enter their pre-teens, they become more able to engage in structured core stability work and to work on improving their body awareness.  At this age we start to introduce more structured mat work with a particular focus on improving proprioception and voluntary control. We continue to keep the class fun, with a mixture of more traditional introductory pilates activities and high level gross motor and coordination games.

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Many changes occur as your child becomes a teenager.  Long hours of study combined with the rapid physical changes associated with puberty and a move towards a screen based lifestyle can lead to changes in posture, strength and physical activity levels.  Sedentary teens will benefit from exercises to maintain muscle strength and length and improve poor posture and alignment.  Active teens are often prone to injury as their rapidly changing body struggles to keep up with the demands placed on it. Classes incorporate traditional mat work pilates with activities that focus on problem areas in adolescence – hamstring length, knee pain, poor postural habits, etc.  Teens will be asked to reflect on their areas for improvement at the beginning of each block, and particular emphasis will be placed on targeted areas of need.